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Carol Needs Help

Things have been rocky for Carol since her concussion in February 2014, she's missed work due to dizziness and near fainting, her hours have been cut to make room for her mom, Barbie, to come work. Her roommate has been laid off and unable to find more work, and she was taken advantage of by someone that promised to help her save her home.
Now she is desperate, she has never asked for hand outs in her life, but has run out of options. The looming threat of losing her home and her vehicle is clouding her mind and causing much stress and anxiety. She has no family that has any money to spare to help and things are on the line now. Try as she might she has been unable to secure a second job, and even if she did it would be hard as most jobs require 2-3 weeks work before you receive your first pay check. She must raise $2,500 to get caught up on all her bills. Please help her in her time of need. Carol is a kind heart who loves her friends and family, always willing to help even if it puts her in a bind. She's always doing favors for everyone. I think its time we gave a little back to her.


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